A private collection of rare film lights & unique antiques.

Photography by helen sattler

In conjunction with Pigeon House Studios, South Creek Antiques presents a rare collection of vintage movie lights circa. 1940. Many of these lights were used on famous Australian films and in iconic Australian theatres around Sydney. Below is a snap shot of what's to come...

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Arc Light

Classic film studio arc light made by Mole Richardson, Inc. of Hollywood, CA during the Golden Era of film, direct from the Paramount Studios Lot. Rewired with standard Edison socket and bulb to be used as a standing lamp. 

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BBC Studio Spotlight

A rare BBC TV Studio Spot Lamp,
this iconic example of British design was made by the Strand Lighting Company in their covent garden works in London's west end.
This Strand Profile Spotlight - also known as the 'baby spot' was the one of the work horses of the theatre industry from the 1950's to the 1980's. 

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The 'Baby Spot'

Circa 1950, this Strand Profile Spotlight. Regrettably most have been lost or destroyed and the survivors represent rare examples of original British Industrial Classic Design.

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